“Simple Living is not a “Why” book for minimalism, but a “How” book.” — Pamela of I read (a lot). Do You?

“If you’re wanting to simplify and just don’t know where to start, this is the book for you. In a friendly, engaging style, Simple Living lays out a manageable plan for streamlining your life.” – Kristen of The Frugal Girl

“This book has everything. It’s the perfect choice for an family or individual who wants to live intentionally and simplify their lives but have no idea how to get started. Lorilee Lippincott breaks everything down in easy to digest, bite size pieces. It covers everything from email to your daily diet and everything in between. Simple Living 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life will have you living an intentional and simple life in no time!” – Melissa of Writings by Daughter of Maat

“Simplifying is something my soul has been crying out for. As I picked up Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life, it was the practical step-by-step guide I needed to simplify. My email box went from overwhelming to manageable. My own personal quiet time became less cluttered, as well. Thank you Lorilee Lippincott for the guideline and foresight to realize in this day and age we all need a little help simplifying our lives. If you’re soul is screaming simplify — this book is for you!” — Alene of Positively Alene

“Cluttered homes and cluttered lives steal our joy and our time.  Simple Living 30 days to less stuff and more life gives hands on practical advice on how to tackle the inner and outer issues that keep us from living life to the full.  Short and sweet this practical little book will have you searching your soul, and finding the courage to clean your over-stuffed sock drawer all in one day! “–   Jenni of 100 Cups of Coffee

“I highly recommend this book for everyone from the pack rat to the minimalist. There is something for everyone in here. I challenge you to take 30 days and examine your stuff! You’ll be surprised how it was weighing you down.” — Laura

Simple Living 30 days to less stuff and more life is both a practical and spiritual guide. Lorilee Lippincott leads you through your home and your finances asking you questions that not only allow you to clear the physical clutter in your life, but also to get you to think about which cultural values you have taken on that really don’t support your personal priorities.

This book is a healthy challenge to our consumer driven ideas of the American Dream. I recommend Simple Living… to anyone who wants to clarify his values and lead a life focused on what personally matters most to you.” — Diane Balch of Simple Living with Diane Balch
“If you’re craving a bit of simplicity in your life, then Simple Living: Thirty Days to Less Stuff and More Life is for you. It touches on clearing out your physical environment in all kinds of creative and unexpected ways. It also explores other candidates for simplifying that many people may not consider, including scheduling, meal planning, and money, to name a few. And it features plenty of glimpses into the Lippincotts’ life, letting you see how a real family practices and benefits from the steps you’re taking. The whole thing begins and ends with a check-in of your own personal vision, so that your thirty-day journey into simplicity is grounded in your own reasons. ” Erin of {re}made by hand
“No matter where you are in your journey to a simple and happy life, this book is a must read! My wife and I have been working to simplify our lives for months and thought we have read it all! Yet after a few days following Lorilee’s daily reflections, we found many areas in which we could improve! Her easy to follow daily challenges help to keep you motivated and on track. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to reduce the distractions in their life and improve overall happiness!” ~Brian of Worry Free with Me

“A more simple life is one thing most people need, especially in America. With high levels of stress from jobs and a hectic pace of life in our society, this book is a great tool for attaining the life of your dreams. In “Simple Living—thirty days to less stuff & more life,” Lorilee takes you step by step through the process of simplifying all aspects of life including not only clutter control, but time management, money management, relationships, social media and more. The book is packed with practical tips, websites, and suggestions for gaining more simplicity. Yet, it is a simple book that is enjoyable to read. I have been on a simple living journey for over 15 years, and I picked up new ideas by reading Lorilee’s book. Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and give more to others and make a difference in the world will love this book.” — Amy von Borstel of Free to Live Abundantly 

“I have been a good friend of Lorilee’s for several years now. She comes to my house a lot and as such I like to think that I am the inspiration for her book. (ok not really…) What I mean is I am the epitome of disorganization and the poster child for cluttered houses everywhere. (Sad to say…) I’m a new convert to the stay-at-home mom world and thought that being home more would make it easier to keep a cleaner house. I worked hard at it! But failed. After reading Lorilee’s book I can now see that though I was working hard I “simply” wasn’t working smart! This book teaches you to work smart!: — Brenda